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I create content, write books, run events, and help food, beverage, & travel businesses build and grow.

I’ve published best-selling coffee books in 13 languages; helped set up and managed MAST Chocolate’s bean-to-bar chocolate factory in London; headed a cooking school run with ‘food waste’; worked as one of Chef Dan Barber’s senior managers at Blue Hill at Stone Barns; judged food and coffee for the UK’s prestigious Great Taste Awards; set up brands and retail stores in Singapore; written culinary articles for magazines and newspapers; and researched food production and preparation all around the world.

Today, I help existing brands and aspirational business owners with development, strategy, and implementation.

I also design and direct educational programming for Coffee Fest; teach coffee history at Portland State University; run food and beverage events; and continue to write and create books and content around food, travel, and coffee.

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Spill the Beans: Global Coffee Culture and Recipes

Now in 5 languages!


Designing Coffee: New Coffee Places and Branding


  • (not) Chocolate, (not) Milk: a dessert for Chef Dan Barber’s WastED Menu.

    (not) Chocolate, (not) Milk: a dessert for Chef Dan Barber’s WastED Menu.

    In 2017, renowned New York restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns brought their unique pop up WastED to the roof of Selfridges, London. Partnering with local food producers and manufacturers, they sourced food that would usually have gone to ‘waste’ and created a fine dining pop-up with some of the UK’s leading chefs and culinary…

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  • A Swedish Midsummer.

    A Swedish Midsummer.

    After a weekend in Stockholm, my friend Stina and I jumped in the car to drive out to the countryside. We were headed for Örebro, Stina’s university town, and the countryside surrounding it. We were to spend Midsommar by Lake Hjälmaren, Sweden’s fourth-largest lake. On our way, we stopped in at Sigtuna, Sweden’s first town…

  • A Winery From the Middle Ages and Sustainable Living in Freiburg, Germany.

    A Winery From the Middle Ages and Sustainable Living in Freiburg, Germany.

    Home of the famous Freiburg Minster, a beautiful cathedral built in the 1200s, and the only Gothic cathedral completed in the Middle Ages to survive the bombing in the 1940s. A number of houses around the cathedral were wiped out in the raids in 1944, but the clever church staff had removed all of the…

  • A Kinfolk Magazine Gathering: L’Esprit de la mer.

    A Kinfolk Magazine Gathering: L’Esprit de la mer.

    Kinfolk is all about sharing, living, eating, talking, and discussing. Did you know they began as communities of ‘gatherings’: long table meals held across a number of different countries around the world? This spawned the magazine, and they’ve continued the gatherings – themed around their upcoming issues. It is always a small gathering, and they…

  • A Persian Feast.

    A Persian Feast.

    We are cooking Loobia Polo, fried and steamed cooked lamb, rice, and green beans – similar to a biryani. A common comfort food, this dish should comprise of a nice golden tahdig, pronounced tah-deeg, which literally means “bottom of the pot” in Farsi. The bottom layer of rice crisps up and creates a delicious crust.