Chefs Taste Test Food Deliveries, Unilever Food Solutions

Client: Unilever Food Solutions and GrabFood Singapore

A collaboration between GrabFood and Unilever Food Solutions, I developed the concept, directed, and project-managed a short video and content series where Singaporean Chefs taste-tested their own and others’ food after it had completed the food delivery process – with the intent to help other food operators when packaging.

A part of the content marketing pilot program for Unilever Food Solutions, Asia. Lani project managed content released for Unilever Food Solutions: fulfilling a brief to create multiple types of content directed at F&B Operators.

Content produced addressed pain points such as adapting a restaurant menu to be suitable for food delivery, through to recipe hacks to save time and money. Lani project managed a team of animators, filmmakers, photographers, and designers, as well as working with the Unilever chefs, managers, and their content team to plan and conceptualize the content calendar.

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password: delivery