Prepare Your Menu for Food Delivery, Unilever x GrabFood Singapore

A part of the content marketing pilot program for Unilever Food Solutions, Asia. Lani project managed content released for Unilever Food Solutions: fulfilling a brief to create multiple types of content directed at F&B Operators.

Content produced addressed pain points such as adapting a restaurant menu to be suitable for food delivery, through to recipe hacks to save time and money. Lani project managed a team of animators, filmmakers, photographers, and designers, as well as working with the Unilever chefs, managers, and their content team to plan and conceptualize the content calendar.

This content series was a partnership between GrabFood (South East Asia’s leading food delivery and rideshare platform) and Unilever Food Solutions.
For this series, Lani put together advisory articles for food and beverage operators who were considering, or who had decided to, start offering their menu for delivery.