Throughout my travels, as a food writer and researcher, I am constantly on the hunt for interesting and unique food stories. Many of these stories come with a recipe or two, more often than not of dishes not so commonly known.

Most recipes I have adapted so that I may cook them easily at home here in Portland, Oregon. Have feedback on how this recipe worked for you? Let me know (make sure to note where you are located!) and I will add your notes to my recipe.

If you are interested in more of the story behind each recipe, please join me on Substack where I share more of each recipe’s cultural and historical origins.

Tunnbröd (Swedish Flatbread)Tunnbröd is a traditional Swedish flatbread made from a mix of whole wheat, white wheat, and sometimes barley, and often seasoned with anise and fennel seed.
Gubbröra (Swedish Egg Salad)Gubbröra (roughly translates to “old man’s mix”) is a classic Swedish dish. Just like a potato salad, there are many variations on this dish, but the base ingredients are always egg, sprats, herbs, red onion, and gräddfil (Swedish soured cream). Served atop a slice of dark rye bread.