THEMATIKOS x Prana Chai Candle

As a limited edition product for Prana Chai’s 2020 Christmas Campaign, Lani project managed, photographed, and marketed this collaboration between Melbourne-based Prana Chai and handmade candle company THEMATIKOS.

Chai for all your senses.

“With all our scents, we start with a pretty similar process – it begins with an idea and then a solid scent storm. Many fragrances, vials, samples, trials, and burn tests later we land on our end product. I have a book that I keep and develop my ideas in and Mum does something similar with her journaling. We then bring our ideas together.

With Prana Chai, I was lucky enough to be taken on a tour of PRANA HQ by the founders.  I learnt the brand story, got a feel for the processes and key ingredients.  A few cups of chai later, Mum and I had created our collaboration!

Con, THEMATIKOS Co-Founder

Inspired by a cup of Prana Chai with friends and family.

Top:     Honey, cinnamon sugar 

Mid:     Star anise, ginger root, black tea

Base:   Cinnamon, clove, cardamom, peppercorn