‘The Fantastic Four’ Product Launch, Prana Chai

We proposed the concept of a ‘Four Flavour Giftset’ that showcased Prana Chai’s variety of tea blends in smaller, trial sizes – then built a fully-fledged product launch, press, and marketing campaign to release these to markets in Australia, Europe, the UK, and Japan.

From product concept through photography, campaign build, product copy, web dev, and design, Lani and her team at Four Seasons of Food worked with Prana Chai’s founders to bring this idea to reality.

The product launch campaign was designed as a ‘choose your own adventure’ by personifying each Chai Blend.

Giving each of the flavors a personality, we built up hype by introducing them one by one, finishing up the campaign by bringing all four together as the Fantastic Four – promoting the purchase of the whole ‘set’.

All Chai Blends were previously only available in 250g and 1kg bags. This concept released all blends in smaller, 100g packaging presented in a premium card ‘tube’ – better for gifting – rather than bag packaging.

In addition to products and assets, we developed, launched, and monitored a full marketing campaign. Including press releases, newsletters, social posts, and advertising campaigns on both Google Ads and FB/IG, and arranged for features in the ‘Editors Pick’ section of print magazines distributed across Australia.

We also completed product photography for the campaign, including lifestyle shots for social channels:

… and hero shots for e-comm channels: