Coffee Fest Education & Conference Programming

Contracted beginning January 2022 to help with a strategic overhaul of content, conference, and education for the nation’s leading specialty coffee industry trade show.

Coffee Fest takes place 4 times per year in different cities across America. To date, I have directed educational programming for 8 x shows in New York, Chicago, Louisville, Los Angeles, Seattle, Anaheim, and Orlando.

In my first year of programming content, I:

  • increased the number of paid workshop offerings and # of hours of content by 37%
  • increased the number of speakers at each show by 200%
    • 20% of speakers at minimum are now local leaders
    • 40% diverse speakers, up from 20% in years prior
  • increased the average overall education revenue 72%
  • increased the average per-attendee revenue by 17%
  • increased the number of seats sold from 40% to 70% of capacity

For our 2023 show strategy, I worked alongside show managers to design and implement brand-new show floor experiences, which were received very well by attendees. The show now offers a diverse range of experiential booths, from a Conversation Corner for panel discussions with industry leaders to a Cafe Imports Cupping Corner for interactive cupping workshops and demonstrations.

My revamped Conversation Corner hosts industry leaders for on-trend topics, from designing seasonal beverage menus to DE&I in the Coffee Industry. Roast Magazine and Barista Magazine also host talks and mini- Roast Forums in the space.