After graduating with a Bachelors of Film and Television, I worked on a number of film, TV and video projects in various roles as scriptwriter, researcher, casting director, and production coordinator.

My work in the media industry helped me to develop my love for food – after working with an Australian production company as a researcher, writer and production coordinator, I was placed on a documentary project recording the contributions migrants have made to Australian society. I spent the year making sausages with the De Bortoli’s, one of Australia’s greatest winemaking families; cooking green tea noodles with Dur-e Dara, acclaimed Melbourne restaurateur (and Stephanie Alexander’s original business partner); trawling the National Archives to discover the Chinese origins of the famous ‘Chiko Roll’.

Afterwards, when I moved into food writing, I kept my connection with film media by making short films wherever I traveled for work. Later, when I started helping brands create content for marketing purposes, I used my film knowledge to develop concept, write and direct media pieces.

Now, my team at Four Seasons of Food include dedicated photographers, animators and videographers. I work with this talented creative team to produce high-end content for my clients.

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