Spill the Beans: Global Coffee Culture, gestalten, 2022


Coffee is the world’s cup. Over 2.25 billion are brewed, sipped, and savored daily. A loyal companion and energetic facilitator of every day, coffee has sprouted an entire cafe culture and a booming industry. While the caffeine fix is hard to ignore, this beloved hot drink holds a rich and diverse history that sinks deeper than the bottom of the cup.

Spill the Beans takes the reader on a journey through Ethiopia, Guatemala, Vietnam, and many other countries in between, exploring the myriad ways in which coffee is produced, traded, and enjoyed. Hipster baristas may be dreaming up the next seasonal latte at this very moment, but the story of how the humble bean became a global icon is ingrained in history. An essential title for armchair travelers, curious foodies, and cafe-hoppers alike, this java journey demonstrates that there’s a vast world of coffee beyond the ubiquitous flat white.

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British Airways, The Club’s Guide to Global Coffee Rituals, 2017

“While a morning caffeine fix is a common practice almost everywhere, the cultural significance of drinking a cup of coffee – and its preparation – can vary wildly from country to country. Coffee expert and author Lani Kingston spills the beans on the etiquette of coffee consumption around the world, from espresso-mad Italy to the leisurely ceremonies of Ethiopia.”

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Taste & Travel, Real Food, Real People: Madison, Wisconsin, Winter 2014

The up-and-coming ‘it’ spot on the farm-to-table dining radar isn’t where you would expect. The residents of humble Madison, Wisconsin, are passionate and knowledgeable about food – but don’t feel the need to shout about it from their rooftop. It’s just the way they have always done things here – and why not when your restaurants, cafes and even late-night diners have easy access to some of the best produce in the country?

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