Coffee and Chocolate Consulting.

Having helped set up and run the European factory, store, cafe and wholesale operations of Brooklyn craft chocolate makers, Mast Brothers Chocolate; built out London’s first bean-to-bar intensive, professional level education program; set up a chocolate factory in Singapore for the founder of TWG Tea; wrote a book about the science of coffee, now translated into 6 languages and 9 editions; consulted for international green coffee traders – I have experience and knowledge across the breadth of these two very specialist industries.

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Congratulations! You have taken the first step to producing a cookbook! For a restaurant, Chef, or restaurant group, this is one of the best marketing opportunities you can invest in.

While it’s certainly a lot of work to produce a book, as a two-time published author of my own books and experienced project manager, my role is to make this as easy as possible. I handle all the difficult publishing arrangements and the logistics of the project, while working with you closely on concept and content.

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My Director-level experience in the food industry spanning operations, business development, brand identity, sales, combined with a media and marketing background positions me perfectly to develop and implement targeted marketing strategies for all types of food brands.

I hold broad-spanning industry knowledge that allows me to develop a multi-pronged approach to marketing your food business. Having worked as a Chef, restaurant manager, published food writer and in marketing for high profile international food brands, I can manage and create your brand content, develop full strategy, write for print publications, handle your social media management, website, advertising plan – you name it.

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