I won a trip.

south devon-0325

To the unbelievably luxurious Buckland Tout-Saints country manor, set in 4 1/2 acres of countryside and woodland. In the Master Suite.

south devon-0315

As soon as we were alone in our room, Dylan and I remarked simultaneously that the bedroom alone (yes, there were multiple rooms in our suite) was about twice the size of our London apartment.

south devon-

This was our sitting room. Our sitting room!

south devon2-

We brewed ourselves some tea, opened the biscuits, and plonked ourselves straight into that window seat with a copy of Kinfolk. Not a bad view, eh?

south devon-0321

south devon-0324

A lovely old claw-footed tub and not one, but two sinks occupied the bathroom.

south devon-0320

We were here for 3 nights. Some would sit around in the luxury, soaking up the glamour, the quiet mornings, the patter of rain on the glass. We did, of course – but we also explored. How could we not? We were close to Salcombe, the tiny windy town of Slapton, and the beach.

We drove down to the Sands, and then took a boat into Salcombe Harbour, bringing us into the tiny, colourful seaside town.

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south devon-0252

south devon-0230

south devon-0234

Lunch on a balcony overhanging the water, watching the boats come in and out.

south devon2-9444

When we took the boat back, Dylan got cut off by a good inch of water. The locals, I’m sure, were shaking their heads at him trying not to get his shoes wet.

south devon-0227

We drove up around the coast, stopping off at Start Point Lighthouse.

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south devon-0260

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Then upwards and onwards, through the tiny village of Slapton. We were heading for the Tower Inn, a 14th century tower pub known for their food. After about 20 minutes of weaving the car through the single lane, windy roads, edged tightly with stone walls (and a lot of reversing, seeing as all roads were two way) we made it into the tiny courtyard at the front of the Inn.

south devon2-9448

south devon2-9446

Hundreds of crows had made their nest in the tower – a gothic masterpiece.

south devon2-9455

Dylan had a staredown with a pheasant. I think he won?

south devon2-9460

The country roads are winding and narrow out there. The streets cute, straight out of Enid Blyton. The thatched roof cottages were only met in quaintness by the residents walking their Clydesdales down the streets.

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