My lovely friend Allie of But First, Cake moved into an awesome converted warehouse space in the Old Peanut Factory in Hackney Wick. The Wick is a converted industrial area that has been relatively recently taken over by creatives who live in studio/warehouse spaces.

We have been meaning to do a housewarming for Allie for a while, and we finally got around to it.


With some wine from my Deli, Dylan and I rode our bikes through Victoria Park with a spinach, ricotta and feta canneloni in the front basket. Allie tested out a new recipe for Victoria Sponge – perfect for an Aussie’s London housewarming. Allie has a new baking business in the works – we are very lucky to get to be her test subjects!


Allie lives with one of my colleagues from the Deli, who just got a new kitten. This little guy spent the evening meowing at us and wanting to get to all the food.



Allie and I are terrible influences on each other – Dylan had trouble finishing his first slice – while Allie and I may have had three slices each…


Allie’s Victorian Sponge was lovely and soft, not dry and airy like a lot of sponges are. She filled it with buttercream and strawberry jam. Perfect!