Today was bright. Today was perfect.


As a food journo (or I guess a journo in general) I have my one ‘dream’ publication. One that encompasses my philosophies, ideals, design ideas. I want to write for them. I want to work with them. I want to live in the pages of their magazine.


Kinfolk. An indie, back to basics, earthy, natural, simple living magazine that highlights the small joys in life: fresh organic juice – beachside cookouts – gatherings with friends.

Kinfolk is all about sharing, living, eating, talking, discussing. Every so often they have a ‘global gathering’: they have a long table meal in a number of different countries around the world, based around the theme of their next issue. It is always a small gathering, and they get local bakers, bloggers, designers, planners, winemakers etc involved in each meal. So each gathering happens around the same time, all around the world, around the same theme – but each one is so unique and special and different.

Fox & Favour filmed the event. Little glimpses of my friends and I here and there!

I have always wanted to go to one. We would have long table meals at my house back in Melbourne, pushing furniture out of the way to set up tables that went from one side of my house to the other – we would gather flowers from the park and place them in jars tied with ribbon. Our friends, who all lived close by, would wander over in the early afternoon sun, carrying a chair or two and a plate of food. We would open some wine, nibble on the fine produce we had collected from our local farmers market; and as the sun set, light dozens of candles and place them on every surface.

A few months after arriving here in London, Kinfolk announced their summer issue – and the corresponding gathering. This time, it was called L’Esprit de la Mer (The Spirit of the Sea), and it was themed around sun, water, salt.


The day finally arrived. I headed over to Dalston Pier, a big white warehouse space transformed into a little homely gathering. The lovely Juniper & Lily were hosting, along with a collection of beautiful creatives who pulled the whole thing together. The tables were stunning. We grabbed a peach + thyme cocktail and started to meet the small group of people as they filtered in.


Once everyone had arrived, we all sat down to a shared meal. There was something so beautiful about sitting down like a family with a group of like minded strangers.





We all came from different places – chefs, photographers, journalists, architects – but we all had an appreciation for the fine things in life and were all swept up in the kindness and community spirit that abounded.





We passed down bowls of salads, plates of salt crusted fish and dished up almond milk chocolate caramel tart slices for strangers who had become friends.





There is something about food. It can bond, create ties. We laughed, drank wine, ate some of the most beautiful food London has to offer – but most people had never met before stepping into that room. But we celebrated like family.








That is the power of Kinfolk. If only the rest of the world could follow suit – to live in a Kinfolk styled world of kindness, love and beauty in the every day – now THAT, that is where I want to live.