I’ve started working at a gorgeous little place in Victoria Park Village. I moved into a lovely flat facing the park, in the middle of my favourite place in London. I love Hackney, it has a wonderful vibe – and Victoria Park Village feels like a little English country town. My first day at work, word got around the village that there was a new girl at the Deli Downstairs, and I started to realise what a tight-knit little community I have chosen to become a part of.

But more on my lovely work and village later. We were closed on Easter Sunday, and quite quiet as many people around the village had gone away for school holidays. I had four days off (as did Husni) so we decided to head over to the Netherlands for a long weekend.


I flew into Amsterdam early this morning, and met my friends Husni and Hadiah (who had driven over earlier) in the gorgeous, tree-lined streets that bank the canals running through the city.




Our first stop was a bakery that Husni told me ‘you will lose it’ over. And that is precisely what I did. De Laatste Kruimel, which translates as the Last Crumb, is possibly one of the cutest bakeries I have ever set foot in. Rustic, homemade piles of cakes covered every surface, crates, cushions and mismatched porcelain china served chocolate and coffee and tea. We ordered a few bits and pieces – and then more, then more, then more.




My favourite was the Zucchini and Lemon Curd cake. Beautiful, soft butter cake studded with big chunks of zucchini played off the sweet yet tart lemon curd perfectly.


For savoury, our highlight was the sausage and tomato bread pudding. Savoury bread puddings are incredible and all too rare – though this was the first time I have had a meat filled one. It was stellar.



After breakfast, we wandered the streets, soaking up the sun. Everyone was out and about, and the weather was incredible. It’s the first time I have been warm enough to have bare arms in about 5 months!





We grabbed some Nieuwe Haring, a traditional dutch delicacy of brined herring with pickles, onion, in a soft white roll.


We went into a few cheese shops, trying out different flavours of Dutch cheese such as fenugreek, smoked goats and red pesto.


We went past the I Amsterdam sign, and got our obligatory tourist shot.



The morning was packed, but we still have the whole afternoon to go. Can I stay forever?