Flying out of the States today, off to London for an indefinite amount of time. But before I went, Edward, Anthony and I had a plan – he was making us his famous pancake breakfast, choc chip and cinnamon.


Edward had brought us some ridiculously comfortable pants from Korea, that are evidently only worn by middle-aged women hence the garish patterns, but we had decided that we all had to wear our pairs for our final breakfast.


Then it was off to the airport – Anthony drove us up and we all said our goodbyes, Edward back to Chicago, and me off to the UK. I landed the next day at Heathrow and immediately was reunited with Eric! Husni was on his way back from Scotland to meet up with us, so Eric and I head to our apartment in Willesden, a cute little suburban area of London.

We head out to Notting Hill, grabbed a coffee (finally, a good espresso! Sorry America….) and wandered the Portobello Road markets and stores.




Then Husni called – the trio was about to be reunited. We met up at the Churchill Arms, a cute little real British pub, covered in flowers and… chamber pots. Yep.






Jetlag set in, so we head up to grab some japanese food for dinner, and then bed before 10PM.