Today we spent travelling from Chicago. We woke up and packed our bags, and head out into the snow. There had been snowfall overnight, and the sidewalks were white with powder.

We jumped on the plane, and after a transfer in Atlanta, Georgia, we landed in sticky, humid New Orleans. As the packed plane touched down, people cheered and yelled; ‘See you in the French Quarter’ ‘First drink is on me!’ ‘Let’s get drunk!’

We picked up our luggage, jumped in a cab, and head towards downtown. We are couchsurfing with a cool guy called Anthony on St Charles, but due to the parades a lot of roads were closed off. We head towards the Superdome, and dropped our stuff at one of Anthony’s friends apartments and went straight down to the street.

It was a party, everywhere. We ran down to the floats, and yelled for beads and light-up things. Anthony got hit in the stomach with a bag of beads, I got hit in the face with a bunch of Who Dat! whistle necklaces (which left a huge lump on my forehead). I earned those!


One float came past and one guy had a light up Endymion thing, which everyone was begging for. I was a few rows back, and the guy pointed to me and beckoned me over, and handed it directly to me! After that I got lots of things, light up swords, cups, coins, Saints flags.


We stepped off the plane into a party, and it doesn’t seem like the party is going to stop for days. We dropped into St Charles Tavern for some po’boys at midnight before heading to bed for a full day tomorrow.