My week in Portland is finishing up. I’ve had the best time. Here is the film of what we have done, eaten, seen and visited all week.

For my last day in Portland, I was booked into the Portland Walking Tour: Epicurean Excursion. We were due to wander the streets of downtown, trying nibbles from some of the citys top eating spots.

A little different than the Forktown tours, as instead of a sit down taste at a number of fancy restaurants, we were wandering on foot and trying a number of different ‘tastes’.

Our first stop was Cacao, for some of their thick hot chocolate. They stock a number of local and high quality chocolate products.



Next up was Benessere, to try a number of their high quality cold-pressed and infused olive oils and vinegars. My favourites were the coconut white balsamic and the mushroom sage olive oil.


Following in Portlands passion for local foods, next stop was Flying Elephant Delicatessen for some tomato and orange soup. Creamy and rich, it was a perfect hot accompaniment to the walk to our next stop, a food truck in one of Portlands many truck pods.


We had liege style waffles, made with a dough not a batter, and filled with sugar crystals. The cart was so popular it was taken out of run for a while, while it was catering exclusively for the cast of Grimm, a TV show which is set in Portland.


Pearl Bakery is known as one of the best bakeries in Portland, and we got to head out the back to see their bakers at work, and then try some of their rye sourdough, cakes and cookies.



Next up was Hot Lips Pizza in the Ecotrust building, a ‘green’ pizza company that uses local and seasonal ingredients, with composting schemes in place with local vendors, and even electric delivery cars. We tried a pumpkin, kale and feta pizza and their chicken and bacon. Their pizzas are fresh and healthy tasting – but delicious!



We dropped past a brewpub to try some local beers, and then on to the ‘dessert’ stop, Ruby Jewels for ice cream sandwiches.




I finished up the day at Side St Tavern, where Monique bartends. We sat behind the bar, made some friends, and ended up back at Skylars chatting until early hours of the morning. I’ve loved my time in Portland – I really think I will come back to live here at some point. But for now, goodbye! Off to New York in the morning.