Breakfast back at the Crepe Bar, we ordered a little too much. We had the chipotle crepe with queso, eggs and bacon, the lemon curd and hibiscus gel crepe, and the nutella and banana brulee.

Let’s go co-yotes!

My first American sports game! 6 of us went out to Glendale to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Pheonix Coyotes battle it out on the ice.


Chris and Jasmine brought me an old Coyotes sweater, which I wore with pride for ten minutes until I overheated. I may have gone a little overkill with the dressing warm. I guess I am just used to open-air AFL games in the dead of winter at home – I expected an ice hockey game to be freezing. The American-style huge cups of beer might have added to my warmth however.

I sat and watched in amazement as the players zoomed around the rink, midriff baring girls scraped up the ice, mascots on skates spun around. We all stood for the national anthem, this time I heard the real one (Mike managed to convince me a few weeks ago that the Canadian anthem was our anthem…. better get that down before my citizenship test).

We all sat, cheered, yelled ‘FIGHT!’ every now and then, danced in our seats when we scored a goal, and for once, the coyotes won!



I’m gonna claim that, it’s all my luck.