Starting a lazy saturday with freshly baked danishes is probably one of my favourite things.


At midday we decided to head out. We stopped into Hillside Spot in Ahwatukee for really, really big gingerbread lattes. After a sugar breakfast and that coffee I was a bit hyperactive. We may of sat there and yelled ‘HAM!’ in a mildly Texan accent at each other for 5 minutes. I am sure the staff thought we were insane.


Next stop was the premier outlets – I’ve always wanted to go here, we always drive past on the motorway on the way into Phoenix. I picked up an awesome little suitcase for Europe. I don’t know what it is about it, but I think it is the cutest thing EVER.


I know it probably just looks like a suitcase. But I just want to put all my stuff in it already.

We met up with Chris and Jasmine for dinner at Blue Wasabi in Gilbert. I love that sushi is adventurous here – even though Australian cuisine is known for being adventurous, we are pretty tame with our sushi.


We had spicy tuna, avocado and krab rolls, tempura’d and served over a chipotle aioli and panko crusted shrimp, spicy krab and avocado rolls topped with shrimp and pineapple salsa. Pineapple on sushi? Chipotle aioli? It worked! It was sooo good. I had a Milky Way cocktail with vanilla vodka, dutch chocolate liquor, irish cream and vanilla cream with a caramel rim. I probably could have drunk twenty – and licked the caramel off the glass.

Afterwards we went ice skating. I know, we are thirteen. But I’d been wanting to try the little outdoor rink they set up in downtown Phoenix for Christmas for years and never got around to it. We ended up going to the big Polar Ice in Gilbert because we decided the pop-up one was too dinky. Most of us hadn’t been for ages (or ever in Mike’s case) but it was a lot of fun. Jasmine got the hang of it in the end but by that time I think the cheap hire skates were starting to wear on our feet.


Of course, as I predicted, I was the only one to stack it. Mike was really good at it. It was ridiculous.