Christmas morning goes pretty much the same every year in the Kingston-Williams household.

Wake up, make coffee, grill some ham and cheese croissants, mix up apricot jam, desiccated coconut, 1/2 sour cream 1/2 low fat yoghurt, and chopped crystallised ginger to taste, chop all sorts of fruit to dip into this apricot dip, and consume too much of the above. I made danishes from scratch this year too, and filled with blackberries, papaya and coconut, almond and apricot, and pear.


This year it was sunny and warm, so we set up the table outside near the pool for a late brunch.




As we have all grown up and gotten older, we don’t wake up the parents at 5AM anymore. Generally presents are done at 7AM at the latest, but this year we all relaxed and presents didn’t happen until early afternoon.


I got a huge pile of cookbooks that I have been wanting – they are from all the places that mum and I visited on our Northern California roadtrip early this december.


I baked hazelnut shortbread dipped in dark chocolate for the family for christmas presents. With all the cakes, tarts, cookies and pastries we have made, it is a little funny how much butter we have gone through in the past few days. No less than 20 sticks…. butter is amazing though. That’s what Christmas is about! Eating 20 sticks of butter…