Driving the California Route 1, we head from Mendocino down to Point Reyes to start the Sonoma Marin County Cheese Trail. We started the day driving through the Navarro Forest.


I love Redwoods. In Rotorua, New Zealand, we walked through a Californian Redwood plantation and it is seared into my memory forever. Driving through the forest, with the sun slanting through the Redwoods (this time actually IN California) was so serene.


We pulled over and went for a walk until Mum started panicking about Mountain Lions (yep, people get snatched by Mountain Lions in the forests in California all the time, evidently).

The most amazing thing about the drive is a few minutes after leaving the forest, you are careening around the edge of a cliff looking off into the ocean. The contrast is spectacular.


We pulled over and picnicked on Point Reyes Farmstead blue cheese, strawberries, organic coffee and huckleberry pastries from Jenny’s Cup & Saucer Bakery on the bonnet of the car, looking off into the ocean. The weather is crisp and cool, but the sun is always shining here.