Driving into Point Arena along California Route 1 Coastal Road, the town doesn’t differ much from the few before and after. Small, quiet, and fairly unexciting (except for the stunning ocean views), it was a pleasant surprise to discover Franny’s gorgeous bakery. A group of chatting women stand in a pink kitchen, rolling out cinnamon and chocolate pastries, tying Christmas cake up with twine, and putting hot buttered rum apple pies in the old-fashioned deck oven. Jams and preserves line the front wall in flavours that would make any foodies mouth water: Apricot chipotle, mint and strawberry, carrot cake, blubarb (blueberry and rhubarb).

Housemade chocolates in flavours like Poire Williams (pear liquor) and earl grey infused ganache, and Thai red curry peanut butter sit perched above cute, handmade cupcakes, tres leches cakes, cookies and slices.


I had a Huckleberry pastry. Huckleberry!