After our first day lounging on the beach in Mendocino, California, we head up to Fort Bragg to visit the Sea Glass Museum. Yes – a museum dedicated to glass whittled down into smooth pebbles by the neverending churn of the ocean. Started by a retired sea captain, it is now staffed by a enigmatic older gentleman in a white cable knit sweater.


We went up to Laguna Point to view the coastal cliffs. The boardwalk led out to the ocean; we jumped off the edge and searched the rockpools. I saw a crab, and a raven that I probably couldn’t take on in a fight. That thing was huge.


For lunch, we tried eggnog lattes and African Yam soup at Goodlife Organic Bakery. You’ve gotta love California – even the most rural areas are packed full of passionate foodies who are championing local, sustainable and organic produce.


Our second night in Mendocino, California was the night of the annual Candlelight Inn Tour. All the local Inns open up to the public, the town is lit by candles in brown paper bags, and carolers wander the streets. Each Inn bakes and cooks, and you can drop in for hot chocolate and brownies and chat with the locals.

We spent the evening drinking zinfandel at the local pub, next to a couple intently watching the NFL, playing fantasy football. I am really in America!