We were late for Swedish Roofie night. I was meant to bring my food processor over to Stina‘s early so she didn’t have to hand grate bags and bags of potatoes.

But Eric spilled the toothpicks all over the floor. He was SO angry. It was hilarious.


Wait, what? What are Swedish Roofies you ask? They actually go by the name of Palt. They are delicious potato dumpling type things, and they call them roofies because they make you so damn tired after eating them.

We got to Peter and Stina’s and they had already grated all the potatoes by hand. Sorry guys!


Luckily I could use the food processor to grate some carrots. Stina fried up some mushrooms, and we loaded the table with cottage cheese, lingonberry jam, raw grated carrot and the fried mushrooms.


Ă…asmund, Juan, Angela and Zoran joined the crowd of Peter, Stina, Eric, Edward and I and we all squished in around the table, loading up our plates with carby goodness.


I ate five. I think they expand in your stomach. Stina and I had to go lie down in the living room.

We eventually migrated outside and ate some more. Yep. Stina had baked the most delicious saffron and white chocolate swedish buns. We ate like 6 each, and then continued to roll around in the courtyard lamenting our eating decisions.


Angela and I really were happy about everything, I promise!


Eventually the evening went where all spontaneous hang outs seem to in this group – charades!


We always come up with the strangest charade phrases, like poor Angela having to act out ‘sound of a key turning in a lock causing an avalanche of snow’ last time. She did it though – she is the charade queen!



We eventually moved onto doubles charades, which was just ridiculous. Less guessing, more laughing at ridiculous communal miming.


Charades are the best. Hanging out with this group AND playing charades is the best way to spend a sunday night.