Party. of the. year.

My best bud Angela and her new housemate Iulian have birthdays around the same time, so they had a joint birthday/housemateship party to celebrate.

This was their housemate-ship.


I had been telling Angela about a Uruguayan Peach, Meringue and Dulce de Leche cake, and ended up promising to make her a birthday cake. What I didn’t know is that she crammed 50 people into her small St Kilda East apartment. So, three Postra Chaja cakes it was then.

The roof was filled with helium balloons, the walls with streamers, and a remote DJ in Romania blasted Pulp and David Bowie through a live video feed.


Angela was pretty excited about the balloons.


Friends brought multicultural treats – Persian Dip and Brigadeiros from Brazil were eaten by hipsters, improv comedians, hikers, travellers, seventies flower children and women in wigs. Stina was the woman in a wig – this was the first night that her Russian alter ego Natalya was born.


Peter and Stina were having a dry month, so didn’t drink a drop. But they were still the life of the party!


My arms were so sore from hand beating eggs for meringue for fifty, Stina brought some straws and was my drink holder all night. I wasn’t allowed to drink from my own cup, only if Stina was holding it.

Pouya wanted a bit of the action.


Hari and Eric hung out in the kitchen, which turned out to be a party of its own.


Edward came around later, just in time to see the first of a long tradition of energetic dancing to What Does the Fox Say? The Romanian DJ must have thought we were mad.