My food study month in Adelaide is over.

I fly out this evening, and so concludes the most magical month of eating, laughing, riding my bike in the sun, visiting culinary regions on the outskirts of Adelaide, hanging out in the botanic gardens, and discovering random street parties and art. Oh, and studying the food writing portion of my Masters of Food Studies at the University of Adelaide.

I HAD to go back to Bar 9 for breakfast, because the Mushroom Truffled Ragu I had last time with Hari was EPIC, and a friend kept recommending Jenny’s Bakery to try some of their weekly changing cronuts. I had to cram these in before class today. Big breakfast with the lovely Kate at Bar 9, and then we head straight across the road to Jenny’s. I love having other pastrychef friends!


At Bar 9 I had the Thai Green Curry Swimmer Crab Scramble and OH MY GOD. Actually the best brunch dish, if not ever, then at least of this year.


Cronuts in general aren’t QUITE as amazing I had expected – I guess when it comes down to it, it is croissant dough – and I really only like croissants warm. There are very few I can eat cold – I really dislike that greasy, cold fat feel you get when eating most croissants and pastries cold. But these were pretty amazing – cookies and cream – tasted just like oreos smeared on croissants. So good.


Our last class in Adelaide we did a Taste Physiology class. The scientist who ran it went through all the science behind taste (and we got to eat stuff.) Super interesting stuff. Yep, Camellia and I of course acted like adults…