Excitement all around as we meet at the airport, check in, and wait for our plane.


We are ready for any solar event.


We are off to New Zealand for two weeks, driving the north and south islands in a campervan. Somehow we got flights for $250 return on Emirates. We were pretty chuffed with that.


They have the tiniest cups on board. Ever.


On arrival in Auckland, there was the general kerfuffle of buying SIM cards, picking up luggage, walking the length of the airport twice trying to find our car rental counter. But we couldn’t help but stop for this photo op. Don’t sit Peter!


Straight off the plane from Melbourne, we wanted a place to relax and have a few beers. We had picked up our cute little Jucy campervan and driven into the city to stay at a hostel for the night. This is us deciding where/when to eat. Big questions.


Luckily I’d anticipated general disarray and had my list of possible dinner places. We settled on Northern Steamship Co. owned and run by Macs Brewery. A funky little place on the corner of Britomart, the ceiling is filled with upside down lamps and the space filled with reclaimed ‘fathers office’ style furniture. The menu is filled with fairly typical pub fare, fish and chips, steak sandwiches, burgers… but with a few odds and ends such as BBQ chicken pockets with pineapple chutney (NZ$13.50) and crumbed jalapenos (NZ$14.5). We opted for the vegetarian burgers with chickpea patties (NZ$18.50), hearty and served with thick, crispy chips.



Macs brew the best ginger beer I have ever had in my life. Rather than the typically strong, overpowering ginger taste, Macs brew a light, sweet brew with nothing artificial. On tap in Northern Steamship Co. make sure you try it when you are there as it is only available in New Zealand.


We walked a bit of the city (and took more photos), but were generally pretty exhausted. Back to adventuring after a long night sleep!